We advise companies on growth and P&L impact challenges.

We work together with entrepreneurs, managers and their teams.

Competitive strategy and
business development

Strategic and business plans. Supporting the shareholders / managers in the implementation.

  • Support in the execution of strategies. Impact on results.
  • Service strategy, strategies for new customers.
  • Adjustments and evolution of service offerings (positioning, new service plans).

Pricing strategy.

Sales promotion projects / redesign of commercial activity.

  • Improving the efficiency of commercial teams.
  • Customer loyalty plans.
  • Redesign of commercial processes in B2B companies. Support in the follow-up of teams.

Distribution channel strategy.

M&A and corporate strategy

Business portfolio analysis, support in diversification decisions, investment/divestment

  • Prioritization of growth avenues, international expansion.

Advice on outsourcing decisions.

Support in the execution of alliances, agreements with partners (national; multi-country).

Sell-side and buy-side mandates.

  • Target search (buy-side).
  • Financial analysis, business plan and valuation (buy-side) of the target company.
  • Preparation of documents and investment search (sell side).
  • Search for buy-side financing through banks or debt funds.
  • Coordination of the Due-Dilligence process.
  • Customer support in closing transactions (SPA, TSLA, etc).

Support in the transformation and value enhancement of the company for subsequent sale and in the search for potential investors (filtering, contact and negotiation).

Commercial Due-Dilligence services.

Organization and management

Advice on improvement (review, adjustment) of the organization and key processes of the company.

  • Dashboards: design and implementation.

Organizational design in different industries, creation of new areas, redesign of internal work mechanisms, changes in critical processes - customer management, review and adjustment of management policies.

Post-merger integration of companies (work teams, management processes).

  • Support in the restructuring, transformation or integration of companies.

Support in decision making. Review of key decision criteria, project acceleration.



When faced with a specific need, we analyze alternatives, formulate recommendations and support decision making.


(Ex-ante) Assessment with the client about the need and scope of the project. Presentation of proposal with: Methodology, schedule, deliverables, budget.


Permanent and continuous advisory. Our team supports decision making, holding regular meetings with the management team, and delivering the key analysis to support decisions.


Working sessions. Support and contrast analysis. Planning and control of strategies and decisions in different areas.

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