Strategy. M&A. Impact.

Case by case,
side by side.


We advise companies on corporate and business strategy issues with an impact on the bottom line. Companies looking for an advisor to help them to strategize and to execute their business vision.

We provide effective solutions, not theoretical ideas without grounding.

Who prefer to have a partner that will engage with their team to build solutions, rather than assume they’ll bring all the answers.

A bit older.
A bit wiser.


We are a team of former consultants who have also managed companies. We have worked in large consulting firms. We have set up our own companies. We have been managers in multinationals and mid-size companies.

In our professional life, we have been wrong many times, but we have also had great successes. From all of that we have taken away the most important thing: we are a bit older, but also a bit wiser.

Like a tailor
who loves his craft.


We know what it is (and what it takes) to generate impact and improve a company's results.

We work with family businesses, senior executives and their teams, supporting decision making, participating in the execution and accelerating projects that drive growth, evolution or transformation.

We do not only do "projects"; we are also able to find alternative formats of collaboration tailored to the particular context of a manager, investor or shareholder of a mid-size company.

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