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Who do we like to work with?

Mid-market firms (SME’s) and Private Equity companies.
◦ Domestic, subsidiaries of global firms.
◦ Focus on mid-market.
◦ Experience in Family business.
…mostly on industrial and B2B services fields.

Companies willing to improve results / to accelerate key projects.
◦ Strategic challenges and organizational issues.
◦ Investment decisions.
◦ Project acceleration / business development.

Equity holders willing to grow inorganically / exit.

Our clients

Companies with strategic or competitive challenges or that need to accelerate EBITDA boosting projects.

Companies seeking to grow, through acquisitions or investing/divesting in businesses.

Private Equity evaluating investment opportunities.

Entrepreneurs and executives in need of ongoing support in strategic direction, professionalization of their company and team management.

Companies with strategic or competitive challenges, or in need of accelerating EBITDA improvement projects

National wholesaler of steel and other materials.


• Progressive decrease in profitability.
• Sales freeze due to Covid'19 and failure to adapt to the new economic situation.

Piedmont Solution

  • Reorientation of its strategic plan.
  • Organizational review at all levels.
  • Redefinition and modernization of commercial activities (product and industry segmentation, Customer profiling, etc.).
  • Implementation roadmap for the agreed measures, and support to the shareholder in the follow-up of the execution.

Leading Spanish company in environmental and recycling industry.


• Need to adapt to new EU legislation.
• Need to redefine pricing strategy to incorporate new technical sustainability criteria.

Piedmont Solution

  • Database analysis (last two years). Application of Big Data and Data Mining tools.
  • Development of a pricing model with segmented criteria based on material / weight / components / type of element / etc...
  • Elaboration of revenue and cost impact scenarios.
  • International benchmarking.
  • Implementation roadmap for the agreed measures.

Companies looking to grow through acquisitions or investing / divesting in businesses

Leading Spanish company in environmental hygiene services, owned by Private Equity (UK).


• Seeking investment opportunities in the core business unit (environmental hygiene).
• Seeking investment opportunities in a secondary business unit (pest control).

Piedmont Solution

  • Definition of criteria for identification, prioritization and elimination of targets.
  • Investment opportunity identification: Company screening and criteria application.
  • Financial analysis and valuation of target companies, negotiation in Due-Diligence processes, purchase and sale contracts and coordination with external Due-Diligence advisors.

Spanish company specialized in energy efficiency systems (hardware and software).


• Strategic challenges in different businesses and cash flow tensions.
• Business portfolio evaluation and feasibility scenarios.
• Divesting of one of the business units: Search for investors.


  • First part: Analysis of possible feasibility scenarios, evaluation of alternatives.
  • Final decision on the sale of one of the company's business units.
  • Second part: Support in the valuation of the company and in the search for potential investors (filtering, contact and negotiation).
  • Execution of the sale transaction (shareholders exit).

Private Equity assessing investment opportunities

Spanish Private Equity - Sustainability and social impact fund.


Analysis of investment opportunities in the organic agriculture market.

Piedmont Solution

  • Analysis of growth opportunities: Feasibility, attractiveness, and potential of each opportunity for 2020 -2023.
  • Initial P&L impact scenario.
  • Calculation of necessary investments and implementation roadmap.

Spanish Private Equity - 150MM Euro Fund.


Investment opportunity analysis in the Security and Asset Protection market.


  • Commercial Due Diligence.
  • Market analysis: Demand, growth forecast, competitive dynamics, etc.
  • Target company analysis: Market positioning, adjustments to the Business Plan
  • Identification of possible targets for build-up.

Entrepreneurs and Executives in need of ongoing support in the strategic direction, in the professionalization of their company, and team management

Spanish multinational company: Industrial OEM (B2B).


• Reorientation of its strategic plan.
• Organizational review at all levels.

Piedmont Solution

  • Corporate and business strategy office (e.g., plan implementation follow-up, client team leadership, design and follow-up of sales dashboards, etc.).
  • Ongoing organizational and cross-functional process diagnostics.
  • Recurrent support to the CEO in change implementation.
  • Participation in the Board of Directors.
  • Organizational development plan.

Spanish engineering company, specialized in large-scale renewable energy projects (solar / photovoltaic).


Organizational review at all levels.


  • Corporate and business strategy advisory.
  • Ongoing support to CEO and CFO in management / organization and change implementation.
  • Participation in the Advisory Board.
  • Organizational development plan.

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